Blue. Vintage. Wonderful.

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Vintage blue mason jars Vintage Ball mason jar logo blue Staggered Blue Jars Close up Mason Jar Vintage Mason jar lid Vintage Blue mason jars with zinc lids
One of the most fun parts of designing and styling is the shopping! I love to shop in antique stores for my containers. Mason jars are so perfect. They are classic, timeless and add instant charm to any design. One of my favorite collections to add to is my vintage blue mason jars!

Complete with zinc lids, these vintage beauties make arranging easy. I love the effortless, perfectly disheveled look of a handpicked bouquet and setting that into a brand new vase just doesn’t seem quite right. Vintage all the way!

Today I picked up a few more jars to add to my collection. I love how each jar says something unique: instructions for canning, patent information and the precious classic logos. I definitely uncovered some great finds today!

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